Make Moisture Work For You

Moisture is a critical factor in many application areas. It affects growth, quality and profits.

Streat Instruments is a leader in moisture measurement and control. With over 30 years experience in this area we have earned international recognition as a developer, manufacturer and supplier of premier moisture control systems for a wide range of applications.

Our moisture measurement and control systems are designed to enable our customers to;

  • Optimise production processes
  • Maximise productivity and operating efficiencies
  • Improve quality
  • Increase profitability

Latest from Streats

Aquaflex information allows optimum Irrigation Management

Aquaflex Soil Moisture Sensors provide soil moisture and soil temperature information on a continual basis.  The Aquaflex Sensor is a 3m long tape which is laid into the root zone

China and New Zealand’s joint demonstration project and cooperation in water-saving agriculture take a pragmatic start

中新节水农业示范推广合作项目迈出务实第一步 继2015年11月份我中心与新西兰林肯农业技术公司就开展节水农业相关合作事宜进行会谈后,双方积极推动,使其不断向前发展。 Since November 2015 our center has held discussions about water-saving agriculture technology and related cooperation with a New Zealand Technical Agriculture Company. The two sides will continue to

Soil moisture

Aquaflex Aquaflex EquiPf EquiPf

Textile moisture

Drycom Drycom 8

Telemetry system

Aquacom Aquacom