Aquaflex for Pasture


Avoid Over-Watering

Do not let the soil moisture to get above the soil’s Field Capacity.
Over watering wastes water, energy and soluble nutrients – all of which you are paying for.

Optimise Pasture Production

Pasture production can be improved by balancing soil temperatures and irrigation application.
Especially on heavier soils over-watering can lead to pugging and anaerobic conditions when the soil is saturated which
causes root tip die back and loss of production.

Assist with difficult Irrigation Management Decisions

Often in dry seasons irrigation systems (or water supply) cannot keep up with demand and managers have to make decisions to maximise production with the water they have available.  For example if a low producing pasture is due for replacement it may be best to let this paddock dry off and focus the irrigation on higher producing paddocks.

Without accurate soil moisture data is almost impossible to determine the current situation and what the best course of action may be.
For example, using Aquaflex soil moisture data you may decide to reduce your rotation from 11 days to 9 by removing the paddock earmarked
for renewal (as it is already producing poorly in the autumn) thus allowing proper irrigation of the remaining area with no loss of production.

Environmental Stewardship

Instigating a soil moisture monitoring system will help you prove your environmental management systems are robust.

Aquaflex is a vital part of any Farm Environmental Plan.

Testimonials about Aquaflex in pastures

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