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Irrigation is far from our minds as we experience the full force of winter weather.  However now is a good time to check your irrigation system and carry out any necessary maintenance to ensure it is ready and working correctly when the time for irrigation arrives.

Now is the time to install Aquaflex

Winter is the ideal time to install Aquaflex.  This allows time for the sensor to settle, trends in the data to become apparent and soil characteristics to be determined. 

Contact us on 03 384 8900 to discuss further.


Service agreements

A service level agreement is designed to provide a user with preferential service response times in the event of a system fault.  The service agreement can be tailored to meet your needs.

Phone Lyall on 03 384 8900 to discuss how we can help monitor your system and performance levels.


Winter maintenance

If you already have Aquaflex installed, please carry out the following over the winter period:

  • inspect the installation site for any hollows or depressions that may need topdressing

  • ensure protection from stock (e.g. hot-wire around telemetry unit)

  • clean the solar panel

  • check all wiring is intact and not damaged




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What ever you are growing or monitoring, you can make better irrigation decisions by installing Aquaflex sensors

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