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Dear Visitor,

We are certainly going through an unprecedented time at present. 

OnFarm Data wish to thank our primary producers who continue to operate through the uncertainty.    



Track Maintenance - it’s expensive!

As the season draws to a close, we start to look toward farm maintenance.


Did you know we can set up exclusion zones on your pivots? 


Programming will be done so that when irrigators are passing over tracks or non-productive land, individual nozzles will switch off.


This can apply to effluent, water and fertigation.


Exclusion zones will:


• reduce damage to farm tracks
• reduce pugging in gateways
• reduce overall water use
• demonstrate you are only applying water to productive land (GMP)
• keep effluent out of other water sources
• programming can include temporary exclusion (cutting for silage etc) and permanent exclusion (ponds, houses or other sensitive areas etc)


Talk to us to find out how exclusion zones would work for your irrigation.


Soil Moisture

Many of you will have noticed your soil temperature is dropping.  

Measuring soil moisture is critical during the shoulders of the season and is when savings can be made.

Start looking at the impact irrigation and rainfall events have on the soil temperature, and also how irrigation demand drops away as temperature and ET reduce.  

If you want some reassurance about your irrigation decisions, please give us a ring.  We are more than happy to run through things with you.  


Environment Canterbury

Environment Canterbury has recently advised they will be notifying consent holders of any outstanding flow meter verifications over the winter. 


They want as many flow meters to be verified, or registered to be verified, as quickly as possible once the 2020-2021 irrigation season commences. 


Please contact Environment Canterbury if you are unsure when your flow meters were last verified.


Environment Canterbury have a strict privacy policy in place, and will not disclose any of your information to ourselves or other service providers without your consent. 


That being said, we are happy to talk to ECan on your behalf, but ECan will want an email or phone call from you confirming this.


Support NZ made

Supporting local businesses will be crucial to get through these difficult times.


Our Aquaflex soil moisture sensor was designed in Lincoln over 20 years ago.


It was researched and designed for New Zealand farming conditions and continues to be manufactured in Christchurch.   We offer real data with real support!


Are you doing your budgets at present?  Give us a call for current pricing and specials.


Our response to Covid-19

We recognise this is a stressful and uncertain time for everyone.


We take the health and well-being of our staff and clients seriously and continue to stay updated with Government announcements and policy.


As we have now moved to covid-19 alert level 4, we will be suspending any on farm servicing and installations.


We will continue to monitor your sites and have a plan is place for service work once we are able to resume work.


We will still be available for advice and technical issues.

For any queries, please contact:

Andrew Neill - 022 183 2018 Managing Director - Sales
Anna Rhodes - 027 533 8454 Sales & Marketing
Lyall Rarity - 021 223 8666 Technical Support
Matt Fox - 022 618 3270 Control Systems support





from the team at OnFarm Data


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