OnFarm Data Ltd acquires Streat Instruments

Christchurch based company OnFarm Data Limited has acquired the assets of Streat Instruments, the well-known manufacturer of moisture measurement equipment, also based in Christchurch.

The sale, signed on February 1st in Christchurch between Alan Brydon, CEO of the Garnett Group of Companies based in the UK and Andrew Neill, MD of OnFarm Data is the result of a long relationship.

Streat Instruments is the manufacturer of the Aquaflex Soil Moisture Sensor and associated Telemetry equipment – with over 5000 installations in NZ alone this has become a proven and preferred irrigation management solution for farmers.

Streat Instruments also manufactures the Drycom Industrial Moisture Measurement system with installations in over 40 countries.

The final Streat product is Equi-pF, a soil testing device which has also been sold extensively overseas.

Alan Brydon, who purchased Streat Instruments from founder Garth Streat in 2000, commented “This is a very satisfying outcome for me as there are good synergies between OnFarm Data and Streats which should see significant growth for the combined operation. We will continue to have a close relationship with my UK operation representing the Drycom products in the UK and OnFarm Data representing us in NZ”.

OnFarm data and Streats have worked closely over the last few years in the domestic agriculture market as OnFarm data have been a distributor of Aquaflex.

OnFarm Data specialises in providing one stop shop solutions for farm data collection and automation requirements including the control of pumps and irrigation, proof of placement for effluent and fertigation, managing exclusion zones, remote monitoring of grain and milk silos and farm security.

Andrew Neill commented “This is an exciting development for us and will enable us to broaden the portfolio of top level products and services we can offer to our clients. Aquaflex is the leading soil moisture sensor on the market and the acquisition gives our clients access to a greater range of products and services”.

“We are committed to providing complete solutions for farm automation needs. We will continue to offer a high level of engagement and support to our clients.”

“Our intention is to further support and grow the domestic market and continue expansion into key/high growth international markets.”

Please feel free to contact us on 03 384 8900 if you require any further information or clarification.