Technical Note – Loose Fibre & Speed Control

This document explains the recommended plant configuration for the implementation of the DRYCOM Moisture Control system using the Integrated Speed Control Module in the DRYCOM Moisture Meter.

Speed Control is an ideal and cost effective control solution for certain applications. If speed control is not appropriate a full energy control system must be used (using a separate DRYCOM Moisture Controller).

Important Notes

1. Speed Control can only be used in applications such as stand-alone dryers where adjustments in dryer speed or feed-in speed (or both) immediately change the dryer throughput
2. If the dryer is part of a continuous process (eg a wool scour) Dryer Speed Control will not usually be possible.

Streat Instruments will advise on the preferred control configuration after discussions with the client as to their requirements and process configuration.

Possible Configurations

As above for speed control to work, the kg/hr through the dryer must be controlled by the Speed Control output.
To do this either, the speed of the device feeding the dryer (usually a feed hopper) must be varied. This will vary the kg/hr through the dryer by varying the thickness of the mat of material. Or both the speed of the device feeding the dryer and the speed of the dryer itself are varied. This varies the kg/hr through the dryer but maintains a constant mat thickness.

Recommended Configuration

Wherever possible we recommend controlling the speed of both the feed hopper and dryer speed.

  • This gives the best control and is very fast acting (inportant when processing short batches)
  • This maintains constant bat thickness which assists in ensuring even drying and stable dryer control
  • The ratios between the two speed controllers can be adjusted to give the desired mat thickness for optimum operation (if desired this can be changed for differnet products)


  • The level in the feed hopper should be maintained as constant as possible.
  • Ideally the dryer should have a Temperature Control System installed too.

Drycom TechnicalNote LooseFibre SpeedControl